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Corum Admiral's Cup AC-One 45 Tide Replica Watches

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Since the beginning of human civilization, navigators'life closely linked together in the rhythm of the tides. In many parts of the world, people are careful to follow the lunar cycle twice daily, conform every 12 hours 25 minutes on average coming tide Zhang rule. Therefore, Corum special hand in the Geneva Observatory and the French Navy Hydrographic and marine services, spending a full three years, introduced a unique Cal.CO 277 self-winding movement in 1993, and load it in the Admiral's Cup Tides watch among the people in order to accurately grasp the changes in the tides.


This year's launch of the new Admiral's Cup AC-One 45 tide watches, use unique and innovative blue dial, like the vast blue sea. Dial decorated with fine diagonal cut square Microhyla law, the inner ring is decorated with iconic Admiral's Cup sailing flag pattern, showing a good stereo effect.


12 o'clock position of the dial has a moon phase display presents, as well as changes in the tide level the moon, that tidal coefficient. When the moon appears as a black crescent moon or when the mean tidal amplitude or intensity is at its peak, the coefficient number will reach between 95-120; but when displaying waxing or waning moon, the display 20-45 between numbers. Dial 6 o'clock position to indicate tidal time in the next 24 hours. Dial 9 o'clock position is used to display tidal strength: When the pointer on the horizontal red line, the wave intensity reached its highest point; when the pointer is a vertical white line, the wave intensity is low.


The watch retains the Admiral's Cup series dodecagon classic design, masculine atmosphere of 45 mm diameter case with five titanium metal crafted with titanium blue PVD coating process by the middle table case and dial, there are more equipped with its hydrological and marine information center by certified Cal.CO 277 self-winding movement. While performance movement has 28,800 cycles / hour vibration frequency, providing 42 hours of power reserve.


To further demonstrate this watch unique fashion style, Corum replica watches come with a sapphire crystal case back, as well as sports atmosphere full of vulcanized rubber strap and folding clasp, but also provides a calendar display, with 300 meters water depth.

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