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IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Watches

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This charming wrist masterpiece (Model: IW5032) is equipped with the IWC 7 days power reserve of homemade 50000-type large-scale movement, in addition to the date, week, month, four-digit year display, it also has a unique hemispheres moon phase profit and loss display, precise presentation from the northern or southern hemisphere the observed phase - a reflection of each other, side by side, you can watch the moon from crescent to full moon and then Last Quarter Quarter to complete the change process.

In addition, the IWC replica watches are also equipped with an auxiliary countdown dial, you can accurately read the number of remaining days to the next full moon. In each lunar revolution period, it actually changes in the moon's only a difference of 12 seconds. This watch 18K white gold style (Model: IW503203) uses a very beautiful tone combinations: dark blue dial is equipped with the same disc is dark blue background, with rhodium-plated disc reproduction breakeven moon phase indicator changes of the moon.

In the 18K red gold models (Model: IW503202), a case with a black dial with warm colors to create a unique distinguished classic. Bimonthly in the wrist TONGHUI matched, mapping different hemispheres wanes a little confusion between the dial, lift wrist moon and stars will be considerable ups and downs.

Another Portuguese Perpetual Calendar watches collection watch (Model: IW5023) classic silhouette style moon phase display, showing observed from the northern hemisphere to the moon phase changes. 12:00 bit of moon phase window, under the stars, surrounded by sparkling, the moon from the bottom left of the semicircle background slowly rising, presented as a full moon when you run to a central location, and then gradually disappear from the right side, in the confusion of the show constantly changing between the mysterious night sky.

Carefully calculated design engineers at IWC, which shows the actual profit and loss cycle moon phase function and the moon every 577.5 years to accumulate one day's error, the deviation between the two is minimal. This elegant, sophisticated timepieces almost to perfection, it has calendar, four-digit year display window and Buhler Dayton has seven days power reserve on the chain system and power reserve display.

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