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Replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 2201.51.00 Watches

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Omega Planet Ocean 2201.51.00 watch is a pure steel tabulation, case, strap, clasp consists of solid steel. Quintana strong and slightly deep metallic silver, plus the large round dial watch diameter 42 mm, highlighting a masculine and domineering king.

Silvery white scale with pointer with fluorescent material embellishment on top of a black dial, adding to the mystery of the wearer, also showed an indomitable spirit dare to challenge the deep sea. Screw-in crown and helium escape valve located outer case of 3:00 and 10 o'clock positions, although not symmetrical, but overall it seems even more coordinated, showing the asymmetrical beauty.

There are 3 o'clock date display window, compared to the figures for the other three orange time orientation, this white date display be unique, distinctive. And all the numbers on 2201.51.00 watches are great, very easy to watch, its appearance and texture filled with elements of movement, in line with its maritime identity Universe series, is a handsome watch.

Omega Planet Ocean 201.51.00 watches using the Omega replica watches prides Omega 2500 movement, which is a coaxial escapement self-winding chronograph movement. It differs from the choice of the Swiss watch industry has long lever escapement systems, coaxial escapement system via radial momentum to transmit energy, the smaller the contact surface and promote action greatly reduces friction between the components escapement. So watch without the use lubricants can still operate in a long time to keep accurate. And the movement of the vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour to ensure the accuracy of travel time watch, while providing 48 hours of power reserve eliminates the trouble of frequent calibration.

Omega 2201.51.00 watches shape masculine atmosphere, professional and powerful features, is a good sports watch. This watch Whether you are engaged in professional diving work, or just to improve the appearance of personal demeanor, you can choose to wear, believe it precise timing functions can give your work life a lot easier.

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