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Replica Rolex Submariner Date116610LV Watches

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This 116610LV watches are made of 904L stainless steel, has a very good corrosion resistance; while the replica Rolex watches is sapphire crystal glass mirror, round green dial leaving this watch has a distinctive sense of fashion, and sapphire with a more ornate mirror is to give people the feeling; embedded silver strap lugs between the material and the case is the same as 904L stainless steel, both with each other, beautiful.


116610LV watches blue crystal gem convex surface additional small window display and calendar display the instantaneous change in an instant jump date daily 0:00, with the small window lens so that the date of clear and accurate presentation in front of the user.


Precisely marked on this watch with unidirectional rotating bezel of the scale, clockwise rotating bezel so the triangle alignment scale on the bezel minute, calculated using the scale shows the time ashore while strengthening airtight case makes it waterproof wristwatch reached 300M, is the preferred diving and outdoor sports.


Rolex 116610LV watches can be simple and practical, the instantaneous change calendar is one of the characteristics, high air tightness Case plus convex mirror display allows users to easily clear when diving or sport observation date. And on its scale and pointer are covered with a phosphor coating, people both in the dark of the night or deep seabed can clearly see the time. The unidirectional rotating dial with precise scale display can easily calculate the time difference.


The Rolex 116610LV watches use the Rolex classic 3135 automatic mechanical movement, the movement of the gear wheel system less, so that the movement is more robust and reliable. Borrowing swing to drive the movement of the wrist automatic disc rotation on the chain, can maintain long-term operation of power, and its up to 48 hours of power reserve of people to meet most people's habits, to help us rest assured that weekend.


The Rolex watch 116610LV adopted by the Swiss Observatory certified Rolex Series 3135 movement is the most common movement, precise and stable when walking 3135, automatic chain also eliminates some users worry, but to be worn more than eight hours a day, in order to store enough kinetic energy.

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