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The New TAG Heuer Replica Monaco V4 Tourbillon Watches

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Has all the patented MONACO V4 TOURBILLON watch broke all existing watchmaking codes of conduct By far the most complex and most iconic Haute Horlogerie complex functions -.. Tourbillon for error correction of gravity caused by mechanical watches Traditional theory, it overcomes the influence of gravity through the balance wheel and escapement rotating frame.

TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Tourbillon watches will further complicate the complex functions by using the world's first miniature drive belt drive system Tourbillon. The pieces of the avant-garde on the watch with automatic linear chain system, pendulum Tuo is composed by a linear track, rather than the traditional rotation system. The four ultra-fine serrated belt (0.07 mm) in the design and production is still one of the most mysterious watchmaking technology, created a very effective damping system. And another aspect, carrying a barrel swivel bearing.

Monaco V4 Tourbillon watches entirely crafted by hand and is located in TAG Heuer Haute Horlogerie Ruishilaxia Saud seal manufacturing workshop. It includes unique material used in the case of black titanium aerospace materials.

Only through adventure, constantly challenge and go beyond the traditional, will achieve a breakthrough. Unique combination of belt conveyor systems and Tourbillon technology, TAG Heuer patented MONACO V4 TOURBILLON proving once again that TAG Heuer replica watches will continue to lead the forefront of advanced watchmaking technology.

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